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Dario Campanile

“He lives in constant motion, inspired by life and driven by passion that transcends the ordinary. Without question, his talent comes from someplace deep within and his vision goes far beyond what the eye can see. What Dario’s audience is also seeing is the culmination of an impressive 50-year career as one of the world’s true art masters, a celebration of wisdom and warmth, of sensitivity and sensuousness, of hope and humanity.

Dario Campanile is on the move again, relocating from Maui to the Mainland to bring his art and his heart to the World. A realist, sculptor, filmmaker, abstract painter and musician in this life, yet he has experienced many lifetimes as an artist. After getting to know the man and his art, you’ll gratefully discover he has many more lifetimes yet to give.”  – Excerpt from Venu Magazine: read the whole article here.


Dario Campanile Abstract

Huffpost Arts & Culture interview with Dario Campanile

Brandon Kralik’s in-depth discussion about Dario’s life, work, and passion.

Read the full article.

Dario Campanile - Abstract Expressionism

"I become a vessel, this energy flows through me and it transforms into the canvas in colours.”

The Work of Dario Campanile

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LA Art Show 2018

January 10-14, 2018
Los Angeles Convention Center

Sergott Contemporary Art will be featuring recent Artwork by Dario Campanile Booth #725
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